Search for masters and mates records in BT124 at TNA


Records of masters and mates in BT124 at TNA

This database and search engine allows you to search for records of masters and mates in the BT124 series of documents held at The National Archives (TNA).

The data provides access to images of the documents and we include notes and tools which will help you to interpret the data.

Where is this data from?

This data is transcribed from the BT124 series of documents held at The National Archives. These are the registers of certificates of service for the masters and mates of British registered vessels engaged in the foreign trade.

These certificates were granted in respect of long service as master or mate. The certificates were awarded during the early 1850s and record the officer's service during the 1850s and 1860s.

For more information on BT124 and the records of masters and mates, please see the detailed notes - see this link:

The database is now complete and contains 57,319 entries.

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