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Crew lists and agreements for British registered ships show the master's name on the first page or the heading of the document, often with their address.

This is an index of masters' names shown on the crew lists which CLIP has transcribed from the records held at local archives (so please be aware that this is only a limited list).

More details of the records of masters and other officers are here: Masters, mates, engineers and cooks

How to search for a master's name

Use the search form to enter the master's surname. Do not use wild-cards, such as '?', '%'.

If you wish, you can add a forename.

Then click

Reading the results

The results are shown in alphabetic order of surname and forename. They show the vessel name and official number (ON) and her port, with the dates of the voyages recorded on the crew list. The archive holding the document is shown with their reference for the document, if available.

Using the results

On the right of the results table are two links.

The  button opens a new window or tab, with details of the ship concerned. There are further links on that page, which will show any other masters' names which we have transcribed for that ship.

The second link  shows a transcript of the crew list. Bear in mind that we have only transcribed the main details from the document. The original will always contain more information, for example it will probably show the voyages made during the period covered by the document.

Data sources

This data is taken from the crew lists and agreements which are held at:

The documents cover the period 1863 to 1913.

Other sources

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to make a list of the masters of a particular ship.

However, as described above, the   link on the results page provides more details of the ship. In turn, that page has a further link which will show all the masters of the ship who are listed in our transcripts. There is also a link on that page which will show where the crew lists are held, which could be used to trace further information.

Then click here: