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Advanced search for ships by name

The CLIP ship names database contains the names and official numbers of every British ships registered between 1855 and the early 1950s.

This search engine provides a flexible system to search the data and presents results with the detail you need to find the ships and crew lists you are looking for. It will cope with abbreviations for port names and allows you to filter the range of years covered.

When you enter basic details of the ship, the search engine will interpret it and set up suitable searches using CLIP know-how and our ships, ports and places database. It will then work through the searches to find a match or matches for your data. In many cases, it will be able to identify a single ship which matches.

The system will find a ship's name if you know her official number, perhaps from a seafarer's ticket. Alternatively, you may have details of a seafarer's previous vessel from a crew list and need to know her official number. Either way, the system will guide you to finding the crew lists for a ship, using our own data and focussed links to other web sites so you can get quickly to the data they contain.

Data sources

The data is taken from two main sources:

The CLIP database also includes entries from The National Archives catalogue for BT110 (Shipping Registers), the registry closures recorded in MNL from 1885 to 1904, crew list holdings at local archives, and references in books.

Please bear in mind that all data sources, including printed ones (and transcriptions from them) are prone to error. It is basic good research practice to check the original sources. This site provides images of many of the original documents, so it is easy to do that.

The CLIP ships database currently contains 677274 entries.