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People named in shipping registers

This is an index of people named in shipping registers. It shows the person's name and entries in the shipping registers against that name. There are links so that you can see a complete transcript of the register folio on which the entry occurs.

The data was transcribed by CLIP from the Isle of Man shipping registers. Please note that these are the only shipping registers for which we have this information.

People are named in shipping registers as:

The original owners who provided the details for the registration were referred to as 'subscribing owners'. From the 1880s, one person was named as the 'managing owner' or sometimes the 'ship's husband' - ie an agent.

Transactions relating to the ship are shown in the registers, such as transfers of ownership and mortgages. Where there were many transactions, they were continued onto another folio at the back of the same register, or in a separate transactions register.

The registers sometimes contain other items such as correspondence, which we have not noted, so if you are particularly interested in a person we would recommend contacting the archive for more details.

We always try to stay close to the original text, but to facilitate transcription, we have stylised some of the phrases, particularly those relating to transactions.

For more detail on shipping registers, please see here and for more on the Isle of Man registers, here

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Please note that this data set covers only the registers for the Isle of Man ports.