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This page is an index of ships by their port of registry. It shows first a summary of the data by year, then for a selected year, ship names and official numbers, sorted first by name, then by official number, with other details such as date of registration, and rig.

The sources of this information are:

Please see the  CLIP data  page for details on sources, the abbreviations we have used, and our acknowledgements. Please note, we transcribed the data 'as seen' from the Appropriation Books and MNL - we have not tried to interpret it. For more details on the records of shipping, please see here.

The Camera icon icons against each vessel link to an image of the Appropriation Books or to the Mercantile Navy List page for that vessel and year. We do not have images of MNL for 1857.

Some ports of registry are close to each other, or can be named in different ways. For example, the ports on the Tyne - North and South Shields and Newcastle are within a few miles of each other, and we wonder if the clerks who compiled the lists made much distinction between them. In these cases, we have added the facility to change from one of the ports to another, or see the list for all the ports combined.

There are links to more details on the right hand side of the results table. To help in finding crew lists, there are links to the Maritime History Archive (MHA) and CLIP crew list indexes and another link will show further details for the ship.

Records for Kingston, Jamaica may also be found under Jamaica or Port Antonio or St Ann's Bay, Jamaica.

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Year ABs18571860187018801890190019101915192019301940
Count 359 2 10 90 95 76 96 39 35 40 46 52

The columns are the counts for the Appropriation Books (ABs) and for the Mercantile Navy List (MNL) by year.

Click on a count to see the list of ships registered at Kingston, Jamaica in the Appropriation Books or in MNL for that year.