Entries in shipping registers for official number 19294

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This is a list of the entries in shipping registers by official number. Official numbers provide a convenient way of tracking down the register entries for a ship, though unfortunately we only have limited data and images.

From 1855, an unique official number was allocated to British ships when they were first registered. The number was shown prominently on the register entry. Earlier ships which were still extant in 1855 were allocated an official number when they next called at any British port. The ship's port of registry was informed and the registry entry was annotated accordingly.

For details of the registration of British shipping, please see: Registration of shipping

How to search for register entries by official number

On the search form, enter the ship's official number in the range from 1 to 199550. This should be a pure number without wild-cards such as '*', '%', '?'.

Then click

Other search pages which record official numbers will provide a direct link to this data where appropriate.

Reading the results

The results show the register entries which we have recorded for that ship.

They show the date and type of register entry (New registration etc), details of the closure of that registry and a full reference for that folio.

Where possible, we also provide links to a transcript or image of the document. For example, the button links to a transcript of the folio.

Why the search might fail

We only have data from a small number of archives, so searches for ships registered at other ports will fail. However, it should still be possible to track down basic registration details for those ports using the other CLIP search pages.

Data sources

The data is drawn from:

There is also some data from other ports and we will be adding more as available.

Please see our general information page CLIP data for more details on sources, methodology, the abbreviations we have used, and acknowledgements.

Ship Date Registry Details Closed Reason or Cross-reference Register and entry Links
GEM1865Ramsey, 3/1865Registration transferred from Fleetwood, 18571/12/1870Registration transferred to Douglas, 1/1871. .RAMSEY, Shipping register reconstruction, 1855-1900, Folio 27Transcript of entry for GEM Transcript
GEM4/2/1871Douglas, 1/1871Registration transferred from Ramsey, 3/18658/2/1875Registration transferred to Peel, 1875. .DOUGLAS, Shipping register, 1855-1882, Folio 164Transcript of entry for GEM Transcript
GEM9/2/1875Peel, 1/1875Registration transferred from Douglas, 21/12/1887Registration transferred to Ramsey, 1887. .PEEL, Shipping registers, 1864-1893, Folio 17Transcript of entry for GEM Transcript
GEM8/2/1875Peel, 1/1875Transactions subsequent to registry21/12/1887Registration transferred to Ramsey, 1887. .PEEL, Transactions register, 1855-1880, Folio 37Transcript of entry for GEM Transcript
GEM21/12/1887Ramsey, 1/1887Registration transferred from Peel, 1/187527/10/1899Broken up. .RAMSEY, Shipping register reconstruction, 1855-1900, Folio 70Transcript of entry for GEM Transcript