Transcript for DERBYHAVEN, Shipping register, 1848-1853, Folio 16

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This page is a transcript of a single folio from a shipping register.

The British shipping registers used standard forms which were used throughout Britain and the then colonies and while the exact format used changed over the years, the data recorded remained sufficiently consistent to make it possible to use a single transcription system to record and present the data.

For more detail on shipping registers, please see Shipping registers and for more on the Isle of Man registers, see Isle of Man shipping registers .

Reading the data

The several sections of a shipping register page provide details of:

The folios frequently contain much more information, such as changes of measurement, correspondence, etc. We have not transcribed these details, so if they are of particular interest, we recommend perusal of the original document or images of it.

To find other folios relating to that ship, there is a button at the top right of the transcript which links to a list of register entries for that official number. Unfortunately, this will not work for earlier registers where the ships had no official number. In this case, the bottom of the transcript may include a note taken from the folio itself giving directions to other folios.

Data sources

The sources of the data are images of the shipping registers for the Isle of Man ports held at Manx National Heritage Library, Douglas. We made these transcripts as a proof of concept but to transcribe many folio pages in detail is an arduous task and one that we do not intend to repeat. However, the database structure and the web pages on this site provide a proven framework to which more data can be added from other sources should it become available in the future.

Be aware. We transcribe data as seen. Where phrases appear in the registers we always try to stay close to the original text, but to facilitate transcription, we have stylised some of them, particularly those relating to transactions.

Vessel nameHERALD Official number
Port of registryDerbyhaven Number/year10/1849
Registry date20/8/1849
Registry typeRe-registered at this port
Previous registry 9/1849
BuiltPort St Mary, Isle of Man, 1848Builder
PropulsionSailDimensions53.3 x 18.2 x 9.3 ft
RigSmackGross tonnage59 tons
Masts1Register tonnage59 tons
NameAddress OccupationShares
John Qualtrough Rushen, Isle of Man Publican 16 Subscribing
Edward Kinley Rushen, Isle of Man Farmer 8 Subscribing
John Sansbury Rushen, Isle of Man Master Mariner 16 Subscribing
Samuel Kegg Rushen, Isle of Man Shoemaker 8
John Crebbin Rushen, Isle of Man Farmer 8
Edward Kegg Rushen, Isle of Man Mariner 8
NameAddress Date 
John Sansbury 20/8/1849 
1  Entry: 12/6/1850 Bill of sale: 23/4/1850
Edward Kegg, 8 shares
John Crebbin, 8 shares
Samuel Kegg, 8 shares
John Sansbury, 16 shares
Edward Kinley, 8 shares
John Qualtrough, 16 shares
Sold 64 shares to John Qualtrough, Rushen, Isle of Man, Vintner
By decree granted by the High Court of Admiralty, Dublin dated 26 March 1850.
2  Entry: 14/6/1850 Bill of sale: 13/6/1850
John Qualtrough Sold 48 shares to Samuel Keggs, Rushen, Isle of Man, Shoemaker, 8 shares
John Sansbury, Rushen, Isle of Man, Mariner, 8 shares
John Crebbin, Rushen, Isle of Man, Farmer, 8 shares
Edward Kinley, Rushen, Isle of Man, Farmer, 8 shares
John Moore, Rushen, Isle of Man, Farmer, 8 shares
William Bell, Rushen, Isle of Man, Farmer, 8 shares
Date Closure
1850 Re-registered at this port, 5/1850.
Notes and cross-references