Records for the port of Aklavik, NWT

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This page provides details of the documents for a port, split into Crew Lists and Shipping Registers. We have not attempted to list other maritime documents relataing to a port.

The sources of this information are:

For crew lists, we list the archives which hold documents, and the years covered. For more detail, where possible we link to the archive's catalogue, or TNA's Discovery. However, several archives have catalogues driven by software called DServe, or the ironically named CalmView, which is best described as 'user hostile'. It needs considerable patience to use, is often slow, or just locks up. Beware.

It is important to remember that some crew list documents for each port will be held at TNA (a 10% sample) and at the National Maritime Museum (years ending in 5 and 1861 and 1862). Even in cases where the local archive obtained a large proportion of their documents, some were missed and made their way to the Maritime History Archive (MHA). Many archives only took a sample of the documents for their local ports and the remainder are at MHA. For other ports, including London, Norfolk and the Scottish ports, virtually all the crew lists are at MHA. Inevitably, some documents were also mis-sorted and are now strays in other archives.

In due course, we hope to be able to provide more detailed cataloguing for the documents for each port and archive.

For shipping registers, we list the documents for the port and which archives hold them. For some documents at one or two archives, we have been able to make an index by folio (page). For the port of Rochester volumes we provide links to the archive's images of the register. For the documents for the Isle of Man ports, we are able to provide a transcript of each folio, including the names of owners, masters and builders. These names of individuals can be found by using the 'People named in shipping registers' search page.

Crew lists for Aklavik, NWT

No data found

Sorry, we have no information on any crew lists for ships registered at the port of Aklavik, NWT

Shipping registers for Aklavik, NWT

Archive Years Reference Notes Our information source Links
Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa 1952 - 1955 R184-53-3-E Archive catalogue Register list Archive catalogue