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This page provides details of the documents held at archives, split into Crew Lists and Shipping Registers. We have not attempted to list other maritime-related documents which an archive may hold.

The sources of this information are:

For more detail, where possible we link to the archive's catalogue, or TNA's Discovery. Unfortunately, several archives have catalogues driven by software called DServe, which is best described as 'user hostile'. It needs considerable patience to use, is often slow, or just locks up. In due course, where we can do so we aim to copy data onto the CLIP database so that it can be better accessed. However, it is important to make use of the archives catalogue to cross-check our data because archives are continuing to catalogue and re-catalogue these documents and our data may be out of date.

For crew lists, we list the ports for which the archive holds documents, and the years covered. Where possible, we link this on to details for individual vessels.

For shipping registers, we list the ports for which the archive holds documents and the volumes which they hold. For some documents at one or two archives, we have been able to make an index by folio (page). For the port of Rochester volumes we provide links to the archive's images of the register. For the Isle of Man documents, we are able to provide a transcript of each folio, including the names of owners, masters and builders. These names of individuals can be found by using the 'People named in shipping registers' search page.

Crew lists held at Archives New Zealand

Sorry, we have no information on any crew lists held at Archives New Zealand


Please use the link to the archive's web site on the heading of this page for more information.

Shipping registers held at Archives New Zealand

Port Years Reference Links
Auckland 1855 - 1897 10525, 20157 Sorry, no details
Lyttelton 1851 - 1920 2796 Sorry, no details
Nelson, NZ 1856 - 1903 16506 Sorry, no details
Otago 1857 - 1899 19060 Sorry, no details
Various 1840 - 1980 Sorry, no details
Wellington 1841 - 1889 16547 Sorry, no details


From the archives' catalogue search page, enter "Registers of shipping" and then select the 'Series of records' option. There are several series, some of which are held at local offices. Series 20157 is the New Zealand registers of ships, but there are others.


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