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The basics

Excellent records of British merchant shipping and crews have survived. They provide a rich resource which can be used to paint a vivid picture of life at sea in Victorian times. If you have some experience of researching into family, maritime or local history, these records provide a good next challenge.

The CLIP site is designed to help you to do that. This page sets out what the site can and can't do, explains some key facts and provides a few pointers on how to start.

This is not simple! Please take your time, read our information and be patient and persistent.

Are you in the right place?

What does the CLIP site provide?

What does the CLIP site not provide?

Key facts

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Getting started

If you are new to this subject, the information pages will give you further information. It's worth studying these pages carefully; it's a complicated subject.

There are also links below to some of the main data and image pages - each page has a set of notes to explain more about the data set or images.

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