Register index by vessel name for PEEL, Transactions register, 1855-1880, MS 10046/28

This is a list of the ships shown in one particular register.

Note: The pages in shipping registers were often referred to as folios by the officials, and we have used that term in our lists.

The list can be sorted by folio or by ship's name, or by official number. Click on the down arrow on the column heading. The ship's official number is a link, which will show a list of all the register entries for that ship.

Some of the data is from the archive's catalogue, mainly online. Other data is taken from indexes of shipping and for some of these we have not been able to obtain the exact folio number, so the order is deduced from the data and may not be completely correct. Do please let us know of any errors.

Where we can, we have shown details of the vessel's registration and of the closure of the register.

For the Isle of Man registers, on the right of the index page is a link to a much more detailed transcript of the folio, including transactions and all owners. However, please be aware that we have not covered every detail and it will still be worth referring to the original document.

For the registers for Rochester, images are available online and we have provided links to them. Unfortunately, the Medway Archives site has changed (April 2018) and our links do not work. We will restore the links as soon as possible.

For the registers of Australian ports, a full index by folio is available, with links to images of each folio on the NAA site.

Folio Sort by folio Vessel Sort by folio ON Sort by official number Date Registry Detail Closed Reason for closure, or cross-reference Link
31ACTIVE2386114/6/1837Peel, 14/1837Transactions subsequent to registry5/12/1868Sold to Bangor, N Wales, not transferred.TranscriptTranscript
27/11/1888Broken up some time in 1886.TranscriptTranscript
1BETTY2196420/3/1849Peel, 8/1849Transactions subsequent to registryTranscriptTranscript
14BRAARAGHEN238649/6/1842Peel, 9/1842Transactions subsequent to registry6/5/1885Broken up many years ago.TranscriptTranscript
22CENTURION2386611/6/1842Peel, 12/1842Transactions subsequent to registry7/12/1868[No reason given]. .TranscriptTranscript
32DOLPHIN2386322/6/1835Peel, 5/1835Transactions subsequent to registry7/4/1869Registration transferred to Wexford, 1869. .TranscriptTranscript
11DOVE125751/6/1849Peel, 12/1849Transactions subsequent to registry6/5/1885Broken up. .TranscriptTranscript
10ELEANOR2198322/6/1840Peel, 6/1840Transactions subsequent to registry7/7/1885Broken up many years ago.TranscriptTranscript
15FENELLA92539/11/1840Peel, 8/1840Transactions subsequent to registry21/4/1878Broken up, 1869.TranscriptTranscript
3FRIENDSHIP1256916/2/1843Peel, 1/1843Transactions subsequent to registryLost.TranscriptTranscript
37GEM192948/2/1875Peel, 1/1875Transactions subsequent to registry21/12/1887Registration transferred to Ramsey, 1887. .TranscriptTranscript
29GREYHOUND1257116/2/1848Peel, 2/1848Transactions subsequent to registry7/12/1868Sold to Stranraer in 1864.TranscriptTranscript
9HAWK2388317/6/1844Peel, 2/1844Transactions subsequent to registry7/12/1868Sold to Ballyhalbert, Ireland, date not known.TranscriptTranscript
7HERO1256015/6/1841Peel, 11/1841Transactions subsequent to registry5/12/1868Sold to Glasgow in 1866.TranscriptTranscript
19INDUSTRY125577/6/1837Peel, 7/1837Transactions subsequent to registry5/12/1868Sold to Dromore, Ireland in 1864.TranscriptTranscript
13JEHU572115/11/1845Peel, 9/1845Transactions subsequent to registryThis volume, Folio 35.TranscriptTranscript
35JEHU572115/11/1845Peel, 9/1845Transactions subsequent to registryThis volume, Folio 36.TranscriptTranscript
36JEHU572115/11/1845Peel, 9/1845Transactions subsequent to registry16/3/1898Lying in a dilapidated condition on Bowling Beach under detention by Board of Trade and not likely to go to sea again.TranscriptTranscript
21LIBERTY219619/3/1849Peel, 6/1849Transactions subsequent to registry14/8/1885Existence of vessel doubtful - ordered to close registry by Chief Registrar.TranscriptTranscript
12/1868No reason given, but register reopened February 1873.TranscriptTranscript
24MAID OF MONA238779/2/1849Peel, 4/1849Transactions subsequent to registry6/5/1886Broken up many years ago.TranscriptTranscript
7/12/1868Sold to Whitehaven in 1866. Registry reopened.TranscriptTranscript
16MARINER1438415/6/1839Peel, 5/1839Transactions subsequent to registry10/2/1866Broken up. .TranscriptTranscript
2MAUTHE DHOO1768918/11/1843Peel, 16/1843Transactions subsequent to registry8/5/1882Broken up at Douglas, 8 May 1882.TranscriptTranscript
26NATIVE2419927/1/1846Peel, 1/1846Transactions subsequent to registry17/6/1876Broken up at Troon, June 1876.TranscriptTranscript
30NORTH STAR242516/11/1845Peel, 7/1845Transactions subsequent to registry19/10/1868Lost in February 1868.TranscriptTranscript
4PERSEVERANCE125786/6/1842Peel, 4/1842Transactions subsequent to registry7/12/1868Sold to Ballyhalbert, Ireland about 1861.TranscriptTranscript
12PEVERIL316352/5/1848Peel, 5/1848Transactions subsequent to registryRegistration transferred to Melbourne. .TranscriptTranscript
5RAINBOW1437828/4/1845Peel, 3/1845Transactions subsequent to registry7/12/1868Sold to Skerries in 1863.TranscriptTranscript
6RATTLER2197516/6/1843Peel, 6/1843Transactions subsequent to registry7/12/1868Sold to Ireland and lost in 1864.TranscriptTranscript
34RISK2385914/6/1837Peel, 13/1837Transactions subsequent to registry17/12/1886No longer sea going.TranscriptTranscript
8SAINT MICHAEL2387031/5/1845Peel, 4/1845Transactions subsequent to registry30/11/1870Broken up, 1868.TranscriptTranscript
18SPEEDWELL2196016/5/1843Peel, 2/1843Transactions subsequent to registry6/5/1885Broken up many years ago.TranscriptTranscript
25ST GERMAN2198718/11/1839Peel, 12/1839Transactions subsequent to registry16/6/1885Lying waterlogged and of no further use at Barnacully, Kyles of Bute.TranscriptTranscript
33STAR219799/3/1849Peel, 7/1849Transactions subsequent to registry10/6/1869Registration transferred to Dublin, 1869. .TranscriptTranscript
20SUCCESS2386523/4/1842Peel, 3/1842Transactions subsequent to registry5/12/1868Broken up at Peel.TranscriptTranscript
28THISTLE2191028/12/1849Peel, 16/1849Transactions subsequent to registry29/1/1876Registration transferred to Ramsey, 1876. .TranscriptTranscript
23VICTORIA1437412/6/1838Peel, 9/1838Transactions subsequent to registry29/7/1885Ownership failed to be traced.TranscriptTranscript
27VINE1765616/6/1847Peel, 4/1847Transactions subsequent to registry31/5/1869Registration transferred to Belfast, 1869. .TranscriptTranscript
17WILLOW GROVE2197721/6/1843Peel, 11/1843Transactions subsequent to registry7/12/1868Sold to Ballyhalbert, Ireland, date not known.TranscriptTranscript