Register index by folio for PEEL, Shipping registers, 1864-1893, MS 10046/26

This is a list of the ships shown in one particular register.

Note: The pages in shipping registers were often referred to as folios by the officials, and we have used that term in our lists.

The list can be sorted by folio or by ship's name, or by official number. Click on the down arrow on the column heading. The ship's official number is a link, which will show a list of all the register entries for that ship.

Some of the data is from the archive's catalogue, mainly online. Other data is taken from indexes of shipping and for some of these we have not been able to obtain the exact folio number, so the order is deduced from the data and may not be completely correct. Do please let us know of any errors.

Where we can, we have shown details of the vessel's registration and of the closure of the register.

For the Isle of Man registers, on the right of the index page is a link to a much more detailed transcript of the folio, including transactions and all owners. However, please be aware that we have not covered every detail and it will still be worth referring to the original document.

For the registers for Rochester, images are available online and we have provided links to them. Unfortunately, the Medway Archives site has changed (April 2018) and our links do not work. We will restore the links as soon as possible.

For the registers of Australian ports, a full index by folio is available, with links to images of each folio on the NAA site.

Folio Sort by folio Vessel Sort by folio ON Sort by official number Date Registry Detail Closed Reason for closure, or cross-reference Link
1LIFFEY4979113/5/1864Peel, 1/1864Re-registered at this port16/5/1867Registration transferred to Dublin, 1867. .TranscriptTranscript
2HOPE4979225/5/1864Peel, 2/1864Re-registered at this port4/5/1892Broken up at Belfast, 4 May 1892.TranscriptTranscript
3STORM KING4979322/2/1866Peel, 1/1866New registration11/1/1876Registration transferred to Dublin, 1876. .TranscriptTranscript
4MONAS PRIDE497946/8/1866Peel, 2/1866New registration12/2/1873Lost at sea, October 1872.TranscriptTranscript
5MARTHA497957/6/1867Peel, 1/1867Re-registered at this port13/6/1885The existence of this vessel is doubtful.TranscriptTranscript
6BEN MY CHREE497965/12/1867Peel, 2/1867New registration28/2/1883Wrecked, 16 February 1883.TranscriptTranscript
7SAGE4979711/12/1867Peel, 3/1867New registration4/11/1885Registration transferred to Skibbereen, 1885. Sold to Ballylinch, Cork in 1881. Now re-registered as Sage of Skibbereen, ON 68650.TranscriptTranscript
8SNOW DROP2870623/12/1867Peel, 4/1867Re-registered at this port[No reason given]. .TranscriptTranscript
9DART4979818/1/1869Peel, 1/1869New registration27/11/1888Wrecked, 27 November 1888.TranscriptTranscript
10PEVERIL4979913/4/1869Peel, 2/1869New registration16/10/1891Stranded at Laxey & broken up, 13 October 1891.TranscriptTranscript
11DART497983/5/1870Peel, 1/1870New registration27/11/1888Wrecked in Douglas Bay, 27 November 1888.TranscriptTranscript
12WESTERN MAID4980020/6/1870Peel, 2/1870New registration1/12/1897Lost off the Cornish coast, 25 November 1897.TranscriptTranscript
13KITE639165/9/1870Peel, 3/1870Re-registered at this port26/5/1881Registration transferred to Dublin, 1881. .TranscriptTranscript
14KATE6391717/8/1872Peel, 1/1872New registration3/4/1933Burnt and totally lost at Moelfro Roads, 31 January 1933.TranscriptTranscript
15LILLY GARTON639183/3/1873Peel, 1/1873New registration25/11/1932Broken up at Port St Mary, Isle of Man.TranscriptTranscript
16EFFIE BELLA606112/6/1874Peel, 1/1874Registration transferred from Ardrossan, 22/8/1895Converted into a lighter, 1895.TranscriptTranscript
17GEM192949/2/1875Peel, 1/1875Registration transferred from Douglas, 21/12/1887Registration transferred to Ramsey, 1887. .TranscriptTranscript
18HEARTS OF OAK6391910/1/1877Peel, 1/1877New registration23/3/1886Registration transferred to Liverpool, 1886. .TranscriptTranscript
19ANNIE COWLEY6392026/2/1877Peel, 2/1877New registration31/1/1890Wrecked at Inchkeith, 29 January 1890.TranscriptTranscript
20MARGARET GARTON6392112/5/1877Peel, 3/1877New registration18/8/1888Registration transferred to Castletown, 1888. .TranscriptTranscript
21PROGRESS6392228/11/1879Peel, 1/1879New registration8/10/1924Broken up. .TranscriptTranscript
22BLAIR ATHOL737768/8/1881Peel, 1/1881Registration transferred from Belfast, [No reason given]. .TranscriptTranscript
23LADY LOCH6392312/9/1881Peel, 2/1881New registration1/12/1896Registration transferred to Douglas, 1896. .TranscriptTranscript
24MAGGIE MADDRELL6392430/12/1882Peel, 1/1882Re-registered at this port8/1/1884Totally wrecked, 11 December 1883.TranscriptTranscript
25PATRICK584167/4/1884Peel, 1/1884Re-registered at this port28/1/1890Registration transferred to Castletown, 1890. .TranscriptTranscript
26SWIFT992130/12/1889Peel, 1/1889Registration transferred from Douglas, 10/18608/1/1895Broken up. .TranscriptTranscript
27PHOEBE639251/3/1892Peel, 1/1892New registration[No reason given]. .TranscriptTranscript
28AMARYLLIS6345616/2/1894Peel, 1/1894Re-registered at this port7/9/1897Sold to a citizen of the United States.TranscriptTranscript
29GRIQUALAND WEST678515/4/1894Peel, 2/1894New registration1/9/1898Wrecked off Breaksea in February 1898.TranscriptTranscript
30JOSEPH6785216/3/1894Peel, 3/1894Re-registered at this port19/7/1894Registration transferred to Tralee, 1894. .TranscriptTranscript
31GIOVANNI8887017/3/1897Peel, 1/1897Registration transferred from Aberdeen, 4/188617/2/1900Registration transferred to Dublin, 1900. .TranscriptTranscript
32ARATHUSA5216621/3/1898Peel, 1/1898Registration transferred from Belfast, 17/12/1912Broken up at Fenit, Tralee.TranscriptTranscript
33DOON GLEN10264712/6/1900Peel, 1/1900Registration transferred from Glasgow, 122/189321/8/1917Registration transferred to Manchester, 1917. .TranscriptTranscript
34ANNIE JANE678533/10/1901Peel, 1/1901Re-registered at this port5/11/1907Sold at Peel and broken up.TranscriptTranscript
35GLENMAY1028992/1/1902Peel, 1/1902Registration transferred from London, 81/1894This volume, transactions, Folio 25.TranscriptTranscript
36BRIDE6785427/3/1902Peel, 2/1902New registration21/6/1923Re-registered at this port, 1923. Now registered as a steamer.TranscriptTranscript
37THETIS6785524/7/1903Peel, 1/1903Re-registered at this port6/12/1916Registration transferred to Ayr, 1916. .TranscriptTranscript
38BONNIE JANE678561/2/1904Peel, 1/1904Re-registered at this port10/6/1920Re-registered at this port, 1920. Registered as a steamer.TranscriptTranscript
39LUCY EMMA7647421/10/1905Peel, 1/1905Registration transferred from Liverpool, 94/187711/9/1907Totally wrecked off Turnberry, Ayr, August 1907.TranscriptTranscript
40MANX PRINCESS6785717/7/1908Peel, 1/1908New registration7/2/1916Registration transferred to Stornoway, 1916. .TranscriptTranscript
41DOLORES6785828/7/1908Peel, 2/1908Re-registered at this port24/12/1913Re-registered at this port, 1913. Material alterations.TranscriptTranscript
42CUSHAG678596/8/1908Peel, 3/1908New registration29/3/1912Re-registered at this port, 1/1912. .TranscriptTranscript
43MANX BRIDE6786020/6/1910Peel, 1/1910New registration26/1/1916Registration transferred to Stornoway, 1916. .TranscriptTranscript
44CUSHAG6785929/3/1912Peel, 1/1912Re-registered at this portThis volume, transactions, Folio 25.TranscriptTranscript
45VERVINE BLOSSUM6786130/3/1912Peel, 2/1912Re-registered at this port9/1/1924Registration transferred to Belfast, 1924. .TranscriptTranscript
46ANNIE MOORE678622/4/1912Peel, 3/1912Re-registered at this port15/9/1928Registration transferred to Belfast, 1928. .TranscriptTranscript
47DIVER LASS6786315/11/1912Peel, 4/1912Registration transferred from Newry, 2/12/1920Totally lost in Larne Bay, early in October 1920.TranscriptTranscript
48GIEN MIE678641/2/1913Peel, 1/1913New registration8/6/1914Re-registered at this port, 1914. Material alterations.TranscriptTranscript
49TRUE LOVER6786529/4/1913Peel, 2/1913Re-registered at this port6/1/1914Re-registered at this port, 1914. Material alterations.TranscriptTranscript
50MANX HEATHER678669/5/1913Peel, 3/1913Re-registered at this port9/6/1914Re-registered at this port, 1914. Material alterations.TranscriptTranscript
51JANET CAIN6786723/5/1913Peel, 4/1913Re-registered at this port12/6/1914Re-registered at this port, 1914. Material alterations.TranscriptTranscript
52DOLORES6785824/12/1913Peel, 5/1913Re-registered at this port, previously 2/190816/6/1917Burned in Douglas about August 1915, whilst on Admiralty Service.TranscriptTranscript
53TRUE LOVER678656/6/1914Peel, 1/1914Re-registered at this port, previously 2/1913Transactions book, Folio 29.TranscriptTranscript
54GIEN MIE678648/6/1914Peel, 2/1914Re-registered at this port, previously 1/1913This volume, transactions, Folio 26.TranscriptTranscript
55MANX HEATHER678669/6/1914Peel, 3/1914Re-registered at this port, previously 3/19139/11/1928Registration transferred to Belfast, 1928. .TranscriptTranscript
56JANET CAIN6786712/6/1914Peel, 4/1914Re-registered at this port, previously 4/191316/4/1925Registration transferred to Castletown, 1925. .TranscriptTranscript
57MANX GIRL6786819/6/1914Peel, 5/1914Registration transferred, 10/3/1924Registration transferred to Tralee, 1924. .TranscriptTranscript
58ZETETIC6786920/7/1914Peel, 6/1914Re-registered at this port11/9/1934Broken up at Peel.TranscriptTranscript
59ISLAND LASS6787013/7/1917Peel, 1/1917Registration transferred, 6/2/1918Registration transferred to Skibbereen, 1918. .TranscriptTranscript
60GIRL EMILY678712/8/1917Peel, 2/1917New registration18/7/1936Registry no longer required.TranscriptTranscript
61ERIN'S HOPE6787222/3/1918Peel, 1/1918Re-registered at this port17/8/1918Registration transferred to Skibbereen, 1918. .TranscriptTranscript
62INNISARCAIN6787322/3/1918Peel, 2/1918Re-registered at this port9/7/1918Registration transferred to Skibbereen, 1918. .TranscriptTranscript
63MANX ROSE6787421/11/1918Peel, 3/1918Re-registered at this port17/11/1930Registry no longer required.TranscriptTranscript
64VALE O MORAY13277310/3/1920Peel, 1/1920Registration transferred from Inverness, 13/19116/12/1927Registration transferred to Fraserburgh, 1927. .TranscriptTranscript
65BONNIE JANE6785610/6/1920Peel, 2/1920Re-registered at this port25/1/1939Registry no longer required.TranscriptTranscript
66NAIAD10592027/6/1921Peel, 1/1921Registration transferred from Douglas, 2/1918Register book No 4, Folio 4.TranscriptTranscript
67INNEEN VORREY6787514/3/1922Peel, 1/1922Re-registered at this port28/12/1925Registration transferred to Skibbereen, 1925. .TranscriptTranscript
68JANE WRIGHT1460418/9/1922Peel, 2/1922Registration transferred from Whitehaven, 1/192215/11/1927Registration transferred to Sydney, New South Wales, 1927. .TranscriptTranscript
69C D 37678761922Peel, 3/1922New registration14/10/1926Registration cancelled by Board's order 61640/26.TranscriptTranscript
70BRIDE6785421/6/1923Peel, 1/1923Re-registered at this port, previously 2/1902This volume, transactions, Folio 24.TranscriptTranscript
71MANX LAD678768/6/1937Peel, 1/1937New registration31/5/1941Totally lost by enemy action, 16 August 1940.TranscriptTranscript
72MANX LASS678778/6/1937Peel, 2/1937New registration23/9/1949Registry no longer required.TranscriptTranscript
73MANX BEAUTY6787823/6/1937Peel, 3/1937New registrationRegister book No 4, Folio 5.TranscriptTranscript
74MANX FAIRY6787923/6/1937Peel, 4/1937New registrationRegister book No 4, Folio 6.TranscriptTranscript
75MANX LILY6788019/10/1940Peel, 1/1940New registration8/6/1948Total wreck at Dippon Point, near Carradale, Argyll, Scotland.TranscriptTranscript
76MANX FUCHSIA6788117/6/1941Peel, 1/1941New registrationRegister book No 4, Folio 7.TranscriptTranscript
77MANX CLOVER678821/9/1941Peel, 2/1941New registrationRegister book No 4, Folio 8.TranscriptTranscript
78MANX ROSE678832/11/1942Peel, 1/1942New registrationRegister book No 4, Folio 9.TranscriptTranscript
79LOCH ESK1293747/11/1942Peel, 2/1942Registration transferred from Aberdeen, 6/191217/11/1948Registration transferred to Fleetwood, 1948. .TranscriptTranscript
80GLENOGIL11571619/4/1943Peel, 1/1943Registration transferred from Aberdeen, 4/1920Register book No 4, Folio 10.TranscriptTranscript
81MANX BELLE6788423/6/1943Peel, 2/1943New registrationRegister book No 4, Folio 11.TranscriptTranscript
82CRAIGENTINNY14554330/11/1943Peel, 3/1943Registration transferred from Peterhead, 4/192811/4/1949Registration transferred to Fraserburgh, 1949. .TranscriptTranscript
83[BLANK] Peel, TranscriptTranscript
84[BLANK] Peel, TranscriptTranscript
TSFR 1WESTERN MAID498001870Peel, 2/1870This volume, transactions, Folio 3.TranscriptTranscript
TSFR 2SNOW DROP287061867Peel, 4/1867Transactions subsequent to registry26/1/1884Wrecked.TranscriptTranscript
TSFR 3WESTERN MAID498001870Peel, 2/1870Transactions subsequent to registry25/11/1897Lost off the Cornish coast, 25 November 1897.TranscriptTranscript
TSFR 4BLAIR ATHOL737761861Peel, 1/1861Transactions subsequent to registryThis volume, transactions, Folio 5.TranscriptTranscript
TSFR 5BLAIR ATHOL737761881Peel, 1/1881Transactions subsequent to registry13/9/1883Registration transferred to Liverpool, 1883. .TranscriptTranscript
TSFR 6KATE639171872Peel, 1/1872Transactions subsequent to registry3/4/1933Burnt and totally lost on 31 January 1933 at Moelfro Roads.TranscriptTranscript
TSFR 7KATE639171872Peel, 1/1872Transactions subsequent to registry3/4/1933Burnt and totally lost on 31 January 1933 at Moelfro Roads.TranscriptTranscript
TSFR 8AMARYLLIS634561894Peel, 1/1894Transactions subsequent to registry7/9/1897Sold to a citizen of the United States.TranscriptTranscript
TSFR 9PHOEBE639251892Peel, 1/1892Transactions subsequent to registry19/9/1900[No reason given]. .TranscriptTranscript
TSFR 10LILLY GARTON639181873Peel, 1/1873Transactions subsequent to registry25/11/1932Broken up at Port St Mary, Isle of Man.TranscriptTranscript
TSFR 11PHOEBE639251892Peel, 1/1892Transactions subsequent to registry19/9/1900Vessel in collision 3 miles SE of Mew Island on 15th inst and was sunk.TranscriptTranscript
TSFR 12KATE639171872Peel, 1/1872Transactions subsequent to registry3/4/1933Burnt and totally lost on 31 January 1933 at Moelfro Roads.TranscriptTranscript
TSFR 13LILLY GARTON639181873Peel, 1/1873Transactions subsequent to registry25/11/1932Broken up at Port St Mary, Isle of Man.TranscriptTranscript
TSFR 14KATE639171872Peel, 1/1872Transactions subsequent to registry3/4/1933Burnt and totally lost on 31 January 1933 at Moelfro Roads.TranscriptTranscript
TSFR 15PROGRESS639221879Peel, 1/1879Transactions subsequent to registryThis volume, transactions, Folio 16.TranscriptTranscript
TSFR 16PROGRESS639221879Peel, 1/1879Transactions subsequent to registryTranscriptTranscript
TSFR 17PROGRESS639221879Peel, 1/1879Transactions subsequent to registry8/10/1924Lost and broken up in Liverpool.TranscriptTranscript
TSFR 18KATE609171872Peel, 1/1872Transactions subsequent to registry3/4/1933Burnt and totally lost on 31 January 1933 at Moelfro Roads.TranscriptTranscript
TSFR 19DOON GLEN1026471900Peel, 1/1900Transactions subsequent to registryThis volume, transactions, Folio 21.TranscriptTranscript
TSFR 20GLENMAY1028991902Peel, 1/1902Transactions subsequent to registryThis volume, transactions, Folio 23.TranscriptTranscript
TSFR 21DOON GLEN1026471900Peel, 1/1900Transactions subsequent to registry21/8/1917Registration transferred to Manchester, 1917. .TranscriptTranscript
TSFR 22ISLAND LASS678701917Peel, 1/1917Transactions subsequent to registry6/2/1918Registration transferred to Skibbereen, 1918. .TranscriptTranscript
TSFR 23GLENMAY1028991902Peel, 1/1902Transactions subsequent to registry24/6/1939Totally lost on 14 November 1938.TranscriptTranscript
TSFR 24BRIDE678541923Peel, 1/1923Transactions subsequent to registry23/11/1942Acquired by the Minister of War Transport.TranscriptTranscript
TSFR 25CUSHAG678591912Peel, 1/1912Transactions subsequent to registryThis volume, transactions, Folio 27.TranscriptTranscript
TSFR 26GIEN MIE678641914Peel, 2/1914Transactions subsequent to registryThis volume, transactions, Folio 28.TranscriptTranscript
TSFR 27CUSHAG678591912Peel, 1/1912Transactions subsequent to registryRegister book No 4, Folio 1.TranscriptTranscript
TSFR 28GIEN MIE678641914Peel, 2/1914Transactions subsequent to registryRegister book No 4, Folio 3.TranscriptTranscript
TSFR 29TRUE LOVER678651914Peel, 1/1914Transactions subsequent to registryRegister book No 4, Folio 2.TranscriptTranscript