Register index by folio for DOUGLAS, Shipping register, 1852-1855, MS 10046/3

This is a list of the ships shown in one particular register.

Note: The pages in shipping registers were often referred to as folios by the officials, and we have used that term in our lists.

The list can be sorted by folio or by ship's name, or by official number. Click on the down arrow on the column heading. The ship's official number is a link, which will show a list of all the register entries for that ship.

Some of the data is from the archive's catalogue, mainly online. Other data is taken from indexes of shipping and for some of these we have not been able to obtain the exact folio number, so the order is deduced from the data and may not be completely correct. Do please let us know of any errors.

Where we can, we have shown details of the vessel's registration and of the closure of the register.

For the Isle of Man registers, on the right of the index page is a link to a much more detailed transcript of the folio, including transactions and all owners. However, please be aware that we have not covered every detail and it will still be worth referring to the original document.

For the registers for Rochester, images are available online and we have provided links to them. Unfortunately, the Medway Archives site has changed (April 2018) and our links do not work. We will restore the links as soon as possible.

For the registers of Australian ports, a full index by folio is available, with links to images of each folio on the NAA site.

Folio Sort by folio Vessel Sort by folio ON Sort by official number Date Registry Detail Closed Reason for closure, or cross-reference Link
1ROVER1894627/2/1852Douglas, 4/1852New registrationRegistration transferred to Dublin. .TranscriptTranscript
2ROYAL CENTAR92156/3/1852Douglas, 5/1852Re-registered at this port, previously 4/183721/1/1874Broken up, 1863.TranscriptTranscript
3MONAS ISLE1437515/4/1852Douglas, 6/1852New registration22/7/1885Broken up years ago.TranscriptTranscript
4FAIRY13/9/1852Douglas, 7/1852New registration28/3/1853Registration transferred to Dublin, 1853. .TranscriptTranscript
5CHANCE2387522/1/1853Douglas, 1/1853New registrationRegistration transferred to Stranraer. .TranscriptTranscript
6MONAS QUEEN28/2/1853Douglas, 2/1853New registration1855Re-registered at this port, 2/1855. .TranscriptTranscript
7PRINCESS MARY808311/3/1853Douglas, 3/1853Registration transferred from Peel, 184431/12/1880Vessel condemned.TranscriptTranscript
8STAR2198814/3/1853Douglas, 4/1853New registration1865Lost off the coast of Wales, 11 March 1865.TranscriptTranscript
9EBENEZER2191130/3/1853Douglas, 5/1853Re-registered at this port, previously 18391855Re-registered at this port, 10/1855. .TranscriptTranscript
10SHANNON30/3/1853Douglas, 6/1853Registration transferred from Derbyhaven, 2/185230/11/1855Wrecked.TranscriptTranscript
11MARGARET4/4/1853Douglas, 7/1853Re-registered at this port, previously 185215/7/1854Re-registered at this port, 15/1854. .TranscriptTranscript
12BLOOMER2192612/4/1853Douglas, 8/1853New registration1856Re-registered at this port, 9/1856. Broken up, 1881. .TranscriptTranscript
13DART13/4/1853Douglas, 9/1853New registration28/10/1854Re-registered at this port, 21/1854. .TranscriptTranscript
14DOCTOR BOWRING2199122/4/1853Douglas, 10/1853New registration17/6/1887Constructively lost. Sold as a wreck in August 1884.TranscriptTranscript
15JANE & AGNES164075/5/1853Douglas, 11/1853Registration transferred from Ramsey, 4/18491/1865Vessel wrecked January 1865.TranscriptTranscript
16MARY2195718/5/1853Douglas, 12/1853New registration3/8/1866Broken up, July 1866.TranscriptTranscript
17BEE238762/6/1853Douglas, 13/1853New registration23/12/1870Registration transferred to Stranraer. .TranscriptTranscript
18HART219922/6/1853Douglas, 14/1853New registration[No reason given]. .TranscriptTranscript
19WIZARD1437911/6/1853Douglas, 15/1853New registration1877Broken up about year 1877 at Port a Vogey.TranscriptTranscript
20REBECCA2190214/6/1853Douglas, 16/1853Registration transferred from Glasgow, 31/185010/4/1856Re-registered at this port, 6/1856. .TranscriptTranscript
21MARIA2191911/7/1853Douglas, 17/1853Registration transferred from Cardigan, 94/183624/7/1861Re-registered at this port, 12/1861. .TranscriptTranscript
22FREEDOM2388111/7/1853Douglas, 18/1853New registration1865Vessel lost in 1865.TranscriptTranscript
23LOTTERY22/7/1853Douglas, 19/1853Registration transferred from Strangford, 2/18521854Re-registered at this port, 4/1854. .TranscriptTranscript
24LOVELY LASS2190327/7/1853Douglas, 20/1853Re-registered at this port, previously 11/1845Broken up. .TranscriptTranscript
25WILLIAM1202213/9/1853Douglas, 21/1853Re-registered at this port, previously 3/184822/12/1877Broken up, December 1877.TranscriptTranscript
26GREYHOUND2160927/9/1853Douglas, 22/1853Re-registered at this port, previously 7/18497/6/1859Registration transferred to Dublin, 1859. .TranscriptTranscript
27UNCLE TOM179691/10/1853Douglas, 23/1853New registrationTransaction book, Folio 23.TranscriptTranscript
28BLACK DIAMOND7/10/1853Douglas, 24/1853Re-registered at this port, previously 1/184711/7/1854Re-registered at this port, 14/1854. .TranscriptTranscript
29ELLEN22/10/1853Douglas, 25/1853Re-registered at this port, previously 6/18392/1869Vessel said to be lost off Whitehaven several years ago.TranscriptTranscript
30DAISY922430/11/1853Douglas, 26/1853New registration13/10/1863Registration transferred to Castletown, 1863. .TranscriptTranscript
31ALEXANDER & JENNY2193514/12/1853Douglas, 27/1853Registration transferred from Derbyhaven, 18471864Re-registered at this port, 5/1864. .TranscriptTranscript
32PATRICK2190430/1/1854Douglas, 1/1854Registration transferred from Peel, 11/18364/3/1878Broken up. .TranscriptTranscript
33BEN-MY-CHREE92882/2/1854Douglas, 2/1854New registration12/11/1870Lost in the year 1862 or 1864.TranscriptTranscript
34BLOSSOM2191411/2/1854Douglas, 3/1854Registration transferred from Fleetwood, 1/18518/4/1856Registration transferred to Strangford, 1856. .TranscriptTranscript
35LOTTERY2194313/2/1854Douglas, 4/1854Re-registered at this port, previously 18531865Broken up, 1865.TranscriptTranscript
36JENNEYS195713/4/1854Douglas, 5/1854Registration transferred from Derbyhaven, 2/1851Transaction book, Folio 143.TranscriptTranscript
37REFUGE2390018/4/1854Douglas, 6/1854Registration transferred from Peel, 6/18447/11/1870Broken up, 1868.TranscriptTranscript
38HART1701522/4/1854Douglas, 7/1854Re-registered at this port, previously 10/184714/7/1884Registration transferred to Ramsey, 1884. .TranscriptTranscript
39EDWARD & JAMES2389427/4/1854Douglas, 8/1854Re-registered at this port, previously 11/185114/2/1888Broken up. .TranscriptTranscript
40FAIRY QUEEN2198128/4/1854Douglas, 9/1854New registration14/7/1885Broken up about 20 years ago.TranscriptTranscript
41FLOWER33318/5/1854Douglas, 10/1854New registration31/10/1863Lost on Ramsey Island, Bristol Channel, 4 November 1860.TranscriptTranscript
42LABURNUM2190515/5/1854Douglas, 11/1854New registrationTransaction book, Folio 101.TranscriptTranscript
43JENNY2191815/5/1854Douglas, 12/1854Registration transferred from Ramsey, 3/18382/1864Registration transferred to Castletown, 1864. .TranscriptTranscript
44SPY1215416/6/1854Douglas, 13/1854Registration transferred from Derbyhaven, 6/18505/5/1871Broken up. .TranscriptTranscript
45BLACK DIAMOND2193611/7/1854Douglas, 14/1854Re-registered at this port, previously 24/18536/11/1857Re-registered at this port, 12/1857. .TranscriptTranscript
46MARGARET920915/7/1854Douglas, 15/1854Re-registered at this port, previously 7/185331/10/1863Lost, 1855.TranscriptTranscript
47PET179683/8/1854Douglas, 16/1854Registration transferred from Irvine, 10/1845Wrecked off Scotland, November 1857.TranscriptTranscript
48QUEEN57557/8/1854Douglas, 17/1854New registration31/1/1877Lost 4 years previously.TranscriptTranscript
49HARMONIE1401330/8/1854Douglas, 18/1854New registration1863Re-registered at this port, 11/1863. .TranscriptTranscript
50ELLAN VANNIN2194519/9/1854Douglas, 19/1854New registration30/6/1858Registration transferred to Liverpool, 1858. .TranscriptTranscript
51WELCOME2389310/10/1854Douglas, 20/1854New registration14/7/1885Broken up years ago.TranscriptTranscript
52DART2388828/10/1854Douglas, 21/1854Re-registered at this port, previously 9/185312/12/1872Lost with all hands off the Calf of Man on 8 November 1872.TranscriptTranscript
53BEAGLE219467/11/1854Douglas, 22/1854Registration transferred from St John, New Brunswick, 156/185321/7/1855Re-registered at this port to Douglas, 8/1855. .TranscriptTranscript
54REFUGE2195528/12/1854Douglas, 23/1854Registration transferred from Derbyhaven, 2/1850Registration transferred to Stranraer. .TranscriptTranscript
55ELLINOR925416/1/1855Douglas, 1/1855Registration transferred from Beaumaris, 10/185325/10/1855Registration transferred to Beaumaris, 1855. .TranscriptTranscript
56MONAS QUEEN219309/2/1855Douglas, 2/1855Re-registered at this port, previously 2/1853Broken up in 1880.TranscriptTranscript
57BALLARAT2197020/2/1855Douglas, 3/1855New registration25/2/1864Lost off Lewis (near Dromoe) in Scotland, 3 January 1864.TranscriptTranscript
58BELT2194414/3/1855Douglas, 4/1855Registration transferred from Windsor, Nova Scotia, 4/18546/6/1856Re-registered at this port, 13/1856. .TranscriptTranscript
59MANXMAN930828/4/1855Douglas, 5/1855Registration transferred from Derbyhaven, 5/185119/8/1874Totally wrecked in Port St Mary, 16 August 1872.TranscriptTranscript