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Images of the Mercantile Navy List

For basic details of the Mercantile Navy List and these images, please see the notes on the search form.

For more details of MNL, please see: Mercantile Navy List

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For a list of the abbreviations used in MNL for sailing vessels, see the first page of the sail section of each year of MNL. For more details and links, see our page, here: Types of sailing ships

Image sources and acknowledgements

The source of the images is shown on the right side of the title bar, with a link to the appropriate home page. We are most grateful to the Digital Archives Initiative at Memorial University, Newfoundland, and to the Vaughan Evans Library at the Australian National Maritime Museum for permission to link to images from their sites. We display images from other sites on the basis that they are in the public domain and/or creative commons. If we have unwittingly infringed copyright, we apologise - please contact us using the link on the menu bar above so that we can take appropriate action.

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Our thanks to Ian Buxton for additional images.

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