Using FamilySearch images of crew lists

The LDS Church has made images of several sets of crew list documents. These are available online via FamilySearch, though only at LDS Church Family History Centres or through centres affiliated to FamilySearch (Affiliate Libraries).

This page explains which sets of records are involved, how to find LDS Church Family History Centres and Affiliate Libraries and how to find and search the films of images.

Records on FamilySearch films

There are three main sets of records which are available via FamilySearch:

Each film covers a batch of records. For example, at TNA, the documents are stored in boxes (pieces) holding up to a hundred or more documents, with archive references which run from BT 98/1 to BT 98/6944. Each box is usually covered by one film though some run on to a second film.

A full list of the FamilySearch resources relevant to British seafarers and shipping is here: FamilySearch British maritime resources

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Finding LDS Family History Centres and Affiliate Libraries

The LDS Church runs Family History Centres at many of its churches. These centres provide genealogical research facilities with access to a huge range of resources which are used by members of the church to research their ancestry. The centres usually run sessions which are open to the public, free of charge. Volunteer staff at the centres are always welcoming, friendly and helpful to everyone, though topics like crew lists may be a little outside their normal run.

To use the images on FamilySearch, you will need to register with FamilySearch, which is free. It can be done online before a visit to a centre or the staff will be able to assist.

Affiliate Libraries are not part of the LDS Church. They are archives, libraries and family history society centres which have an agreement with the LDS Church and so can provide access to FamilySearch resources, including images. They may have their own registration with FamilySearch, but you should be able to use your own if you have set one up.

To find a centre near you, look on the LDS Church site, FamilySearch centres

This shows a world map and you can zoom in to find a centre near you. For example, this map shows the centres at Southampton (an Affiliate Library) and Portsmouth (a LDS Family History Centre).

FamilySearch centres in Southampton and Portsmouth

Hovering over the icons on the map will show contact details for the centre. These may be out of date and it would be sensible to contact the centre before travelling.

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Finding the records on FamilySearch

You access the films via catalogue pages on FamilySearch - there are links below. This image shows the page for the catalogue of BT 98 images covering 1747 to 1856.

FamilySearch catalogue for BT 98, 1747 to 1856

You'll need to scroll the page, and move from one page to another using the controls at the top of the list.

FamilySearch catalogue for BT 98, page 46, records for Workington ships, 1854

Once you have found the image set you want, clicking the icon on the right hand side will open an image viewer so that you can work through the images on that film. You should be able to copy or print from the images but this will depend on the facilites available at the centre.

The FamilySearch catalogue pages for the image sets are as follows: