Shipping registers for the port of Wisbech

List of shipping registers and folio indexes

This is a list of the shipping registers held by an archive or for a particular port.

The data is from the archives' catalogues, mainly online.

For some registers, we are able to provide a basic index for a register, by folio (page). In these cases, there will be a link to the index on the right hand side of the table. In some cases, the index includes a limited transcript of the folio, showing details of the vessel's registration, and in some cases details of the closure of the register.

For the Isle of Man registers, on the right of the index page is a link to a much more detailed transcript of the folio, including transactions and all owners. However, we can't cover every detail and it will still be worth referring to the original document.

For the registers for Rochester, images are available online and we provide a link to them for each entry.

Archive Title Reference Links
Cambridgeshire Archives Registrations, 1836-1855 R81/66
Transaction Book, 1855-1877 R81/66
Registry of Sea Fishing Boats, 1912-1989 R102/126
Registrations, 1885-1974 R105/003
Transfer register, 1959-1985 R105/003
Registration papers, 1937-1994 R105/003