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This page is an index of the crew lists held at local record offices around the British Isles. It returns the vessel's name, the record office holding the documents, the years for which records are held and if possible, the reference for the document. Where the year appears more than once, there are several documents for that year. If no years are shown against a record office, there are crew lists for that vessel but we do not have the dates.
The information has been drawn from the CLIP transcriptions or the record office's catalogue (with permission). In some cases, the CLIP transcription is incomplete, so there may be more crew lists for the vessel than we have shown.
The MHA indexes are more comprehensive than ours and there's a link to their site below the data. However our lists include some data they do not have.
Please see the finding aids page for more details on sources, the abbreviations we have used, and acknowledgements.
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