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CLIP bibliography
This is the CLIP bibliography, drawn from a variety of sources, mostly references in other books.
Beware! We have broken our own rules and not checked out that most of these books exist! All we can say is that somewhere, sometime, someone has said that they do.
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Author(s) Book Published
Adams, R B  Red Funnel and Before 1986
Addis, C P  The Men who fought with Nelson in HMS Victory at Trafalgar 1988
Ainsley, Thomas A  A Guide Book to the Local Marine Board Examination South Shields, 1885
Aitken, J  Above the Tay Bridges 1986
Albion, R G  Naval and Maritime History 1973
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Aldcroft, D M  Studies in British Transport History, 1870-1970 Newton Abbot, 1974
Allendale, J  Sailormen between the Wars 1978
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Anderson, John  Coastwise Sail 1948
Anderson, R & R C  The Sailing Ship 1968
Angier, E A V  Fifty Years' Freights 1869-1919 London, 1920
Anthony, M  Red Funnel Line 1990
Arbman, Holger; Greenhill, Basil & Roberts, Owain T P  The Arby Boat Stockholm, 1993
Archibald, E  The Metal Fighting Ship, 1860-1970 Blandford, 1871
Archibald, E  The Wooden Fighting Ship, 897-1860 Blandford, 1868
Armour, Charles A and Lackey, Thomas  Sailing Ships of the Maritimes Toronto, 1975
Armstrong, Richard  Grace Darling: Maid and Myth London, 1965
Arnold-Foster, D  At War with the Smugglers: Career of Doctor Arnold's father London, 1970
Arnott, R H & Smith, R L  Captain of the Queen London?, 1982
Aspinall-Oglander, Cecil (ed)  Admiral's Wife: Being the Life and Letters of the Hon. Mrs Edward Boscawen from 1719-1761 London, 1940
Atton, H & Holland, H H  The King's Customs: (2 volumes) London, 1967
Attwood, E L  Theoretical Naval Architecture London, 1928
Aubrey-Rees, W C  The New Ship-master's Business Companion Glasgow, 1937
Ayre, A L  The Theory and Design of British Shipbuilding Sunderland, 1921
Bagwell, P S  The Transport Revolution from 1770 1974
Bailey, C H  Down the Burma Road Southampton, 1990
Bailey, P S  Newhaven - Dieppe 1975
Baker, William A  Colonial Vessels Barre, Mass, 1962
Baker, William A  Sloops & Shallops Barre, Mass, 1966
Banks, S  The Handicrafts of the Sailor 1974
Baptist, Capt C N T  Salvage Operations 1979
Barker, R  Against the Sea 1972
Barnaby, K C  Basic Naval Architecture London, 1954
Barnaby, K C  Some Ship Disasters and their Causes 1968
Barriskill, D T  A Guide to the Lloyd's Marine Collection of the Guildhall Library London, 1994
Barry, T W S  Sunward by Yeoward Liverpool, 1994
Basnett, S  Ferries of the Isle of Man Past and Present 1996
Bass, George F  A History of Seafaring based on Underwater Archaeology London, 1972
Bassett, F S  Legends and Superstitions of the Sea and Sailors in All Lands and at All Times Chicago and New York, 1885
Batten, J  Dirty Little Collier 1946
Baynham, Henry  From the Lower Deck: The Old Navy, 1780-1840 London, 1969
Beaglehole, J C  The Life of Captain James Cook London, 1974
Beavis, L R W  Passage from Sail to Steam 1986
Beazley, Elizabeth  Madocks & the Wonder of Wales 1967
Benham, H  The Last Stronghold of Sail 1986
Benham, H & Finch, R  The Big Barges 1983
Benham, Hervey  Once upon a Tide London, 1955
Benham, Hervey  The Salvagers Colchester, 1980
Benham, J  DownTops'l 1971
Bennet, Tom  Shipwrecks around St David's Newport, 1994
Bennett, A  Us Bargemen 1980
Bennett, A E & Eagles, B J  Coastal Steam Vessels of the British Isles 2001
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Bennett, Tom  Shipwrecks around Wales, Vol 2 Newport, Dyfed, 1992
Benwell, Gwen & Waugh, Arthur  Sea Enchantress: The Tale of the Mermaid and her Kin London, 1961
Berckman, Evelyn  The Hidden Navy London, 1973
Bisset, Commodore Sir J G P  Commodore 1961
Bisset, Commodore Sir J G P  Sail Ho Sydney, 1958
Bisset, Commodore Sir J G P  Tramps and Ladies 1959
Blackburn, C J  How the Manx Fleet Helped in the Great War 1923
Blake, Nicholas & Lawrence, Richard  The Illustrated Companion to Nelson's Navy London, 2000
Body, G  British Paddle Steamers 1971
Bonsor, N R P  North Atlantic Seaway Jersey, 1978
Boot, P & Fenton, R  Classic Coasters 1997
Bourke, Edward J  Bound for Australia: The loss of the Tayleur 2004
Bourke, Edward J  Shipwrecks of Ireland 2000
Bourke, Edward J  Shipwrecks of the Irish Coast, 1105 - 1993 1994
Bourke, Edward J  Shipwrecks of the Irish Coast: Volume 2 1996
Bourke, Edward J  Shipwrecks of the Irish Coast: Volume 3 2000
Bowditch, N  The New American Practical Navigation etc New York, 1811
Bowman, A L  Swifts and Queens 1984
Box, P  All at Sea 1992
Box, P  Belles of the East Coast 1989
Bray, J  An Account of Wrecks, 1759-1830 Truro, 1975
Breeze, G  Sally Ferries 1990
Breeze, G  The Papenburg Sisters 1988
Brent, Peter  Captain Scott and the Antarctic Tragedy 1974
Briggs, C  Haikuan - The Sea Gate 1998
Britten, Commodore Sir E T  A Million Ocean Miles 1936
Brodie, I  Queensferry Passage 1976
Brodie, I  Steamers of the Forth 1976
Brooks, F W  The English Naval Forces, 1199-1272 1932
Brouwer, Norman J  International Register of Historic Ships Oswestrty, 1985
Brown, A  Craigendoran Steamers 1979
Brown, A  Loch Fyne 1975
Brown, A  Lymington, the Sound of Success 1988
Brown, A  Shanklin: Ill Fated Prince 1985
Brown, A  Talisman: The Solitary Crusader 1980
Brown, A & Polglaze, R  HMS Aristocrat: A Paddler at War 1995
Brown, D K  Paddle Warships London, 1993
Browne, T  The Skyline is a Promise 1971
Bryant, A  Samuel Pepys: The Man in the Making 1949
Bucknall, R  Boat Trains and Channel Packets London, 1957
Budenberg, Geoffrey F  Lewis Morris, Plans of Harbours, Bays and Roads in St George's and Bristol channels, 1748 Beaumaris, 1987
Bullen, F T  The Cruise of the 'Cachalot' London, 1898
Bullen, Frank  The Men of the Merchant Service London, 1900
Burrows, G W  Puffer Ahoy 1981
Burtt, F  Cross-Channel and Coastal Paddle Steamers 1937
Burtt, F  Steamers of the Thames and Medway 1949
Burwash, D  English Merchant Shipping, 1460-1540 1969
Cameron, S  Death in the North Channel 2002
Campbell-Jones, Susan  Welsh Sail: A Pictorial History Llandysul, 1976
Carr, F G  Sailing Barges 1989
Carr, M  Call of the Running Tide 1983
Carse, Robert  The Twilight of Sailing Ships London, 1965
Carson, Edward  The Ancient and Rightful Custom: A History of the English Customs Service London, 1972
Carter, C  Cornish Shipwrecks - the North Coast Newton Abbot, 1970
Cartwright, D E  Report on tidal conditions at the time of the wreck of the Royal yacht Mary in 1675 1975
Carus-Wilson, E M  Medieval Merchant Venturers 1967
Carus-Wilson, E M  The Overseas Trade of Bristol in the Later Middle Ages London, 1967
Cederlund, C O  Old Wrecks of the Baltic Sea Oxford, 1983
Chadwick, F E  Report on the Training Systems for the Navy and Mercantile Marine of England and France Washington, USA, 1880
Chalk, D L  Any More for the Skylark 1980
Chambers Jones, Reg  Sailing the Strait: Aspects of Port Dinorwic and the Menai Strait Wrexham, 2004
Chandler, G  Liverpool Shipping 1966
Chapell, C  Island Lifeline 1980
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Chappell, Edgar L  History of the Port of Cardiff Cardiff, 1939
Charnock, J  A History of Marine Architecture 1800
Chatterton, E Keble  Fore and Aft London, 1912
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Chichester, Francis  Along the Clipper Way London, 1966
Clammer, R  Paddle Steamers 1980
Clammer, R  Passenger Steamers of the River Dart and Kingsbridge and Estuary 1987
Clarke, D H  East Coast Passage 1971
Cleary, R  Maid of the Loch 1980
Clegg, P & Styring, J S  British Nationalised Shipping, 1947-1968 1969
Clegg, P & Styring, J S  Steamers of British Railways and Associated Companies 1962
Clifford, M L & Clifford, J C  Women who kept the lights Williamsburg, Virginia, 1993
Clowes, W Laird  The Royal Navy: A history from the earliest times to 1900 1996
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Collard, C  White Funnels: The Story of Campbell's Steamers 1946-1968 1996
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Compton, H J  Isle of Wight Here We Come 1997
Condie, Allan  Paddle Steamers in Camera 1987
Cone, P J  100 Years of Parkstone Quay and its Ships 1983
Cook, Captain James  The Explorations of Captain James Cook in the Pacific New York, 1971
Cooke, J H  The Shipwreck of Sir Cloudesley Shovell 1883
Coombes, N  White Funnel Magic 1995
Cooper, E R  Storm Warriors of the Suffolk Coast 1937
Cooper, F S  Handbook of Sailing Barges 1955
Cooper, F S  Racing Sailormen 1963
Coppack, Tom  A Lifetime with Ships Prescot, 1973
Cordingley, David  Heroines and Harlots: Women at Sea in the Great Age of Sail London, 2002
Cordingley, David  Under the Black Flag: The Romance and Reality of Life among the Pirates New York, 1995
Corlett, Ewan  The Iron Ship Bradford-on-Avon, 1975
Cormack, A A  Days of Orkney Steam 1971
Cormack, A A  Days of Steam "Earls" 1990
Cornewall-Jones, R J  The British Merchant Service London, 1898
Costa, Giancarlo  Figureheads: Carving on Ships from Ancient Times to the Twentieth Century Lymington, UK, 1981
Coton, R H  Decline of the Paddle Steamers 1971
Course, Capt A G  The Merchant Navy: A Social History 1963
Cowden, James & Duffy, J  The Elder Dempster Fleet History 1852-1985 London, 1986
Cowell, H  Liverpool to North Wales Pleasure Steamers, 1861-1962 1996
Cowsill, M  British Channel Island Ferries 1989
Cowsill, M  Brittany Ferries: From the Land to the Sea 1993
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